The world of money is opening up. Inves is working to unlock it.

The Inves group works at the forefront of fintech. We enable cryptocurrency exchanges and payment providers, support the blockchain ecosystem, develop apps that redefine the user experience for money, and invest in projects that promote financial inclusion and economic liberation.


The Lettuce app keeps you on top of your investments. Get realtime market data from Alabama to Zanzibar, on the Blockchain or in your sock-draw, including ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, and just about anything else. Lettuce will provide you with up-to-date information about your assets, no matter what or where they are. In the longer term we're growing Lettuce into an open banking hub that brings the world of money together.


Venox offers secure and convenient digital asset investing. Just as gold has been stored in vaults for centuries, Venox stores our clients' digital asset portfolios offline in level 10 vaults on two continents. The Venox portfolio contains an exclusive collection of carefully selected digital assets that are securely stored, with flexible deposits and withdrawals, along with low fees.


Appia is a core banking system and global pricing engine that combines cryptocurrencies, equities, funds, commodotities, fiat currencies, and other financial instruments, all in one place. Appia is able to provide live price comparisons between Bitcoin and Gold, Simoleans and Euros, and just about anything else you can imagine. It also provisions accounts, tracks balances, and plugs in to open banking platforms.

Appia is currently exclusive to Inves companies

The DimplX Group (β€œDXG”) invests in and develops digital asset marketplaces, exchanges, and related businesses that enable innovation and efficiencies for the industry, including partnering with Binance Holdings, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange provider, to operate in selected geographies.


ZARP is a cryptocurrency pegged to the price of the South African Rand (ZAR). 1 ZARP equals 1 ZAR, stored in an audited treasury account. ZARP is also contributing to tools and interaction between roleplayers in the South African crypto community, to foster and promote collective interests.



Open money for an open world

Like software, content, and minds, money works better when it's open. The Inves Capital group was incorporated in 2016 to explore free and decentralised networks and software in the context of finance. The group now includes Lettuce, Venox, Appia, Rand Reserve, and partnerships with key players in the new financial ecosystem. Our team has experience building core banking systems, smart credit card solutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, and in heading up innovation for traditional financial services providers.



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